Hey there!

I’m Philippe, a 25-year-old designer, developer, and photographer living in Sydney, currently working as a self-employed creative technologist. Over the last couple of years, I have worked in renowned companies, created a self-employed creative business, finished studies in computer science and design, done exciting projects with inspiring people, developed a deep passion for the intersection of psychology and technology, and most importantly, invested a lot of time in self-development. Passion and hard work are at the heart of everything I do and I am constantly on a quest for new experiences.

I aim to design technology that helps people change their behaviour towards what they consider most healthy, and making them most happy. My fascination for the human mind- from cognitive biases to social dynamics -has bolstered my skills in human-centered design, but also helped to create a more meaningful, productive, and happy life for myself; something I write about in my blog. The ubiquitous technologies of today have been designed around capturing our attention and exploiting human vulnerabilities for short-term profit in ways that are often detrimental to our mental health and well-being, accelerate cultures of injustice, and contribute to hyper-polarization (a.o.). I want to design humane technology, treating attention as sacred and helping people and societies to reach their goals.

What started numerous years ago as, what I think, a creative balance to my analytical mindset, has resulted in a design & photography business today. Since a few years ago, I have fallen in love with taking pictures, focusing on landscapes, people, and their emotions. I like to play with composition, visual style, and perspective to fit my current preferences or the style of my client. Today, I am shooting conferences abroad, weddings of private clients, social media campaigns for the government, and more. Since two years ago, the company is moving in a direction where I also do UX design work for agencies and private clients, conceptualizing and designing applications, business ideas, and websites.

Feel free to reach out if you see shared interests, collaboration potential, help that I can provide, or if you just want to say hi!
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