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adidas users struggled to find and be confident about their selected bra sizes on .com. Users needed to be educated on the probably most complex and confusing sizing system in the apparel world. They needed guidance through the process of finding the right bra, empowering them to select their size with confidence.
I was responsible for setting up user studies, creating user journeys, defining pain points and opportunities, and leading design workshops with over 20 people across the company. Multiple ideas were designed and evaluated at the intersection of user needs, business goals, and technology constraints. In cross-team effort, I created mock-ups that were user-tested and A/B-tested on Together with engineers, we implemented a new size guidance feature with a bra size calculator, size chart, and some educational content that successfully helped people find the fitting bras. The new size guidance was implemented globally on
Screenshots of size calculator on a tabletScreenshots of size chart on a tablet
User needs are dynamic and depend on the status quo. Research gives an indication of what is, not what ought to be.
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